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Product description:

A fully synthetic premium quality Pag46-yf oil (Alkyl benzene oil) with high lubricity, good temperature stability and low compressor wear properties. Designed specifically for vehicles running on R134a or R1234yf refrigerant systems. This oil is also available in a variety of viscosities.

Note! All Pag-yf oils are hydroscopic and containers should not be left open for longer than necessary. To avoid potential compressor damage it is essential to vacuum the A/C system after opening it to atmosphere or during servicing.

The choice of the right viscosity is crucial when using PAG oils (PAG46-YF, PAG 100-yf ). The vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and approved products should be observed.

Pag46 is equivalent to Zerol 46HD

New special PAG oils 46 YF and 100 YF are both suitable for refrigerants R1234yf or R134a.

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