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12V Spal VA11-AP8/C-29S axial Fan/blower Ø-255mm

12V Spal VA11-AP8/C-29S axial Fan/blower Ø-255mm


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Product description

Manufacturer: Original Spal
Type: Axial Fan / Condenser blower / Pancake fan
Voltage: 12V
Model: VA11-AP8/C-29S
Ø Fan: 255 mm / 10"
Ø Manifold: 284 mm
Air Direction: Blowing
N° blades: 10
Blades type: Straight
Air flow (m³/h) 1100 m³/h
Current consumption 6.4 Amps


Spal VA11-AP8/C-29S, VA11AP8C29S, VA10AP9C25A, Webasto 62080038S1A / D255 Diava Dometic Waeco 8880500014 Coldchain Autoclima Thermoking Carrier VA11 AP8/C 29S / VA11AP8/C-29S VA11-AP8/C29S / 62080038S1A, 165AA15001, AC-3010.0374, 3010.0374, 30100374, 1209003

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