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Volkswagen air con compressor clutch assembly/pulley VW

Volkswagen air con compressor clutch assembly/pulley VW


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Product Description

Brand Volkswagen
Application Volkswagen Passat / Passat CC / Golf
Compressor manufacture Delphi
Model DH5 6CVC 5K0820803A, 5K0 820 803 A, 5K0820803E, 5K0 820 803 E, 5K0820803, 01141228, 01141475
Clutch Ø 110mm
Clutch type Direct drive
Clutch grooves Poly-V6
Clutch hub CH-010
Bearing CB-0015
Voltage N/A


Delphi DH5 6CVC 5K0820803E, 5K0820803A, 5K0820803 01141228, TSP0155997, TSP0155372, TSP0155465, 1K0820803E, 1K0820803F, 1K0820803G, 1K0820803H, 1K0820803J, 1K0820803K, 1K0820803L, 1K0820803N, 1K0820803NX, 1K0820803P, 1K0820803Q, 01141475 1K0820803QX, 1K0820803S, 1K0820803SX, 1K0820803T, 1K0820808A, 1K0820808B, 1K0820808BX, 1K0820808D ,1K0820808DX 

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